Name: Olga Sergeevna
Pack Name: 5th and Filbred Kids

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Nature: Survivor
Demeanour: Critic
Concept: Junkyard Seer

Physical Social Mental
Strength 3 Charisma 1 Perception 3
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 4
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3

Talents Skills Knowledge
Intimidation 1 Animal Ken 2 Computer 1
Primal-Urge 2 Crafts 2 Enigmas 2
Streetwise 2 Etiquette 1 Garou Lore 1
  Leadership 1 Linguistics 1
  Performance 1 Medicine 1
  Performance 1 Occult 1
  Survival 2 Politics 1
    Psychology 2
    Rituals 3

Backgrounds: Contacts 1, Rites 5, Totem 3

Rage 4, Gnosis 3, Willpower 4

Glory 0, Honour 0, Wisdom 3, Rank 1




Olga is tall, slight, and pale. Her face is long, her nose protrudes, and her shoulders are hunched up, making her look a little like a bird trying to warm itself in the cold. She is better dressed than one might expect from her situation: her clothes are trim and well-constructed, and though far from fashionable, far, also, from tatters. She prefers layers of clothing, wearing as much as possible short of sweltering. Her fine blonde hair is always tucked neatly under something, be it a hat or a cleverly tied 'kerchief. Olga has in fact so managed her wardrobe that she looks more like one of the faux homeless, a rich kid in dirty boots and patched jeans, than a real street person; with the difference that Olga wouldn't be caught dead in dirty boots.


Sergei Borodin moved to New Bremen from the Ukraine in 1985, when his daughter Olga was just 5. She had trouble fitting in in the predominantly Mexican neighbourhood, and learning two languages was a great difficulty. The children her age teased her for her problems communicating, and though she did her best, she was continually excluded, both in her neighbourhood and at school. This problem created a vicious cycle: her lack of social skills kept others from her, which lead to isolation and, in turn, a lack of social skills. Her family had one small, fuzzy television, which her older brother Stanislav monopolized, with the result that she spent most of her time reading, doodling, and playing her balalaika, a gift from the will of relative she never knew. That instrument was only Olga's only real possession of any real value, and though she treasured it, she was never able to come anywhere near mastering it, as she was constantly ordered to "stop that racket".

In school, Olga performed exceptionally, thanks to both her natural talent and her lack of any other draws on her attention. She did so well, in fact, that she was offered a complete scholarship at NBU. She was to major in Psychology, and had great hopes for herself.

However, in the summer before she was finally to head off to university, a new world, she changed. The change was not traumatic; not, that is, more than can be expected. She was brought into the country, to learn of her true nature, of what it means to be a garou; and she embraced it all with both arms. She exulted in the power and the duties which came with it, she read the stories of the garou and learned their history and ways. She set out on her Rite of Passage with great hope.

The Rite, however, was catastrophic.